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Has there ever been an Ode to the Orchid?

If not I will try to bring you into the lovely Peaceful abode of this wonderful Private world of beauty..  The joy of its quiet presence is more than you can imagine it will melt away the pressures and the stress of a day a moment indeed a life.  

We can communicate with the “ God of our understanding" at any time of the day or night just by being in the same space with a creation that is ever changing and growing and being in the Now of all moments.  The Orchid waits for us and yet it is as always without time.  Said of them, that they are difficult to grow and they laugh because if there is one plant that needs no human it is the Orchid…. said to have 5000 years in which they have existed changed and developed within themselves to many types colors and shapes to a never ending variety of surprising groups of magnificent splendor an unending collection of God’s expression of style.  We are just beginning to appreciate them.


So let us learn not to control them but to watch them be… 

Photographing them is my service to them as they seem to change their faces.  As when the light enjoys showing the brilliance the shadows the etchings that are so curious and delicate.  To capture in time what they did yesterday for tomorrow.

Why I call this The White Orchid Cove:

A sheltered recess, A protected Space, A quiet inlet,

Shielded form the Storms of Life…..

As this site is meant to be for the viewers… Stop Look & Listen

and you too willl find the serenity I speak of.  “So Be It.”

Thank you for your time and your visit.  If you care to drop a note to share something I will appreciate your thoughts.


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