Women & Healing

God helps those who help themselves by Hanna Kroeger

"Women in Healing

As long as mankind has existed it was the woman who placed the patch of herbs on her soldier's arm.  It was the woman with the basket of food and liniments who eased the sores and sufferings made by men.  It was the women who entered the prisons, the schools and the hospitals, regardless of what people thought and said, to ease the pressures of manmade society for the less fortunate. 

Women were always healers - naturally born healers.  They hold the crying child and soothe their needs (psychiatrist).  They dig out the thorn from the finger (surgeon).  They ease the fever (internist).  They dress the sores and bathe their beloved ones in herbs (herbalist).  They dry the tears (minister).  

They practice medicine without a license every day of their lives to help their fellow men, their families and their friends.  This is woman's right, this is woman's concern.  Who can take it away?  Men have tried and failed.  They will try again and  again and fail as long as you stand on your womanly right and don't go over the fence to seek the men's rights which are ladled Classical, Chemical or Mechanics."

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God helps those who help themselves by Hanna Kroeger

"The body can manufacture vitamins but not minerals. 

.  The right collarbone manufactures vitamin A.

.  The left collarbone manufactures vitamin B12.

.  The floating rib manufactures vitamin E.

.  The healthy digestive system manufactures all of the B vitamins.

.  The tailbone manufactures vitamin C.

.  The red bone marrow manufactures vitamin K.

.  The left leg manufactures linoleum acid.

.  The small intestine manufactures interferon.

.  The tip of the sternum is concerned with the right kind of vitamin D.

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