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Magnesium Oil + ORMUS

2 fl oz – 59.15 ml


We once again announce a cutting-edge product that will write a new chapter in the book on skin care and pain relief. Big claims, but we guarantee that you will find them to be true, or you can get a refund. Ocean Magic is an inspired blend of our tried-and-true Magnesium Oil and the alchemical elixir called ORMUS. Both components are ocean-derived and offer a broad spectrum of ocean minerals in a form that is easily bio-available to deliver healing and pain relief transdermally.

Our legendary Magnesium Oil is a concentration of ocean water with most of the water and salt removed, leaving a rich, almost-oily soup of ionic minerals, the most prevalent being magnesium, with another 80 or so also present.

ORMUS is a recently-discovered state of metallic elements with unusual properties that are different from conventional chemical behaviors. ORMUS elements show super-conducting characteristics and are repelled by magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Although they are not easily detected, they occur naturally in food and water, in our bodies and throughout the surface of the planet. They are believed to be a major factor in helping our body maintain homeostasis.

Our ORMUS is precipitated out of a brine made from Dead Sea Salt that is exposed to a very high pH solution. The precipitate is then isolated and concentrated. Some say that this form of

ORMUS may contain as many as 80 minerals in an ORME state . . . the same minerals that exist in our Magnesium Oil but in a different physical state.

In particular, our ORMUS is known to contain monatomic gold, silver, platinum, palladium, iridium, osmium, ruthenium and rhodium in addition to magnesium.

ORMUS has a subtle energy component that can interact with our bodies' energy fields to create better alignment and coherence. In this manner, although applied topically to external issues, ORMUS can also address the underlying energetic causes of discomfort to expedite relief at both the physical and subtle levels.

Many are experiencing nearly immediate relief, but if your experience is not immediate, then you may need to use repeated applications to build up the ORMUS levels in your system.

The combination of Magnesium Oil and our ORMUS is proving to be extremely beneficial for a plethora of skin and body conditions. We are hearing reports of relief from many aches and pains -- from sore neck to arthritic knees and ankles. There are reports of numerous skin conditions quickly clearing -- from psoriasis, eczema and shingles to acne and burns . . . even rosacea. Often insect bites stop hurting rapidly and swelling is reduced. Relief from low back pain can be very swift. Fibromyalgia pain is greatly reduced. The pain from burns disappears almost instantly and scarring is reduced or even eliminated. There is even evidence that eventually skin tags and moles will fall away.

We are hearing that migraine-type headaches are quickly relieved, and there is also a report that massaging Ocean Magic into the scalp relieved the symptoms of a stroke in a couple of hours.


Spray Ocean Magic on an area of concern and massage it in. You may apply it several times within a 10-to-15 minute period or as often as necessary to get the relief you seek. Be advised that the small residual of salt in the Magnesium Oil can cause burning or stinging in your eyes or skin breaks; it can be pretty uncomfortable but won't cause harm.

Also, as the Ocean Magic begins to dry on your skin, you will probably have a sticky feeling, like when you come out of a swim in the ocean. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes and then rinse it off if you must.

Important : Shake well before each use.



Magnesium Oil (condensed ocean water), Distilled Water, ORMUS Precipitate


Ocean Magic is available in a 2-ounce spray bottle (59.15 ml)


Guidelines for Maintaining Your Product's Potency

All subtle energies are easily diminished or contaminated by electromagnetic frequencies. You will want to do your best to maintain the potency of your Ocean Magic by protecting it from those damaging frequencies.

To maintain full potency, we suggest that you keep in the Special bag that you receive it .  . . . 

We also suggest that you store your Ocean Magic away from direct sunlight and away from all appliances and electronic equipment, including your kitchen appliances, cell phones, TV, radio, electric clocks and anything that emits EMF's. It is easy to overlook sources of EMF's, so be diligent to protect the efficacy of your Ocean Magic. That way you get maximum benefits from this wonderful source of relief.

Information and Articles

ORMUS, often referred to as ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element or M-state element), is made from water and other substances and is also known as monoatomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, M-state, AuM, micro clusters, and manna.

In some quarters, ORMUS is called the Philosopher’s Stone. Due to their peculiar features, ORMEs have been a favorite among alternative medicine supporters and alchemists around the world.  There are many myths associated with ORMUS, with many believing it to be a magical element.

ORMEs have the same number of protons and electrons as their mineral counterparts that are found on the Periodic Table of elements. These are chemically identified as a separate class of substances, as is the case with halogens. They, however, have separate placements on the two-dimensional Periodic Table. Such elements are similar to silicon-type, ceramic powdery substances that appear to be isolated forming micro-cluster bits of atomic materials.

ORMEs appear to be closer to ether (a classical element) or vacuum or pure energy. The most interesting feature of ORMUS is that it is able to switch from being one metal to another at different temperatures.

This observation was first made by Albert Einstein and Satyendra Nath Bose in the 1920s, due to which is it now known as the Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC). This was later confirmed in 1995 by Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman in a laboratory. The greatest contribution, however, came from David Hudson, a farmer in Arizona who noticed some peculiar features in these strange materials. He spent millions of dollars studying these elements and later patented his process of obtaining and identifying ORMEs.

ORMUS is believed to be a precious metal element in a different atomic state. Gold, silver, platinum, iridium, osmium, palladium, mercury, rhodium, ruthenium, copper, nickel, and cobalt were identified by Davidson as ORMUS elements. He also stated that all these metals were available in abundance in their Ormus form as compared to their actual states.

David Hudson added that ORMUS could be found in the air, soil, plants, stones, and the sea. ORMUS elements are embedded into the DNA structure of plants and animals and are thought to be an integral part of our skin, nails, hair, blood, brain, and all the organs of our body.

Since ORMUS elements have the same number of protons and electrons as their mineral counterparts, it is very difficult to distinguish between the two categories. The only difference lies in how these elements spin. ORMUS elements are known to respond to the magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion. They are superconductors at room temperature and exhibit other quantum physical behaviors on a visible scale.

ORMEs are also known to exhibit the quantum physical behaviors of super fluidity, anomalous responses to gravity, Josephson tunneling, and magnetic levitation.

Health Benefits of ORMUS

ORMUS elements are believed to be the life-giving elements found in all living being. They have been one of the best curative sources in alternate medicine as they are believed to rectify many ailments with almost magical powers. Many alternative medicine practitioners state that since our body is made up of these very elements, ORMEs make for natural, holistic healing devices. Since they aren’t made of any synthetic elements, they hardly have any side effects as compared to conventional drugs.

A lot of plants or foods like almonds, aloe vera, apricot kernels, garlic, royal jelly, sheep sorrel, and white pine bark are said to be rich in ORMEs. The holistic benefits of ORMUS are many, with a few of them being:

• ORMEs are believed to restore original DNA structure, possibly even assisting in its evolution. This property speeds up the healing process in case of any injury. It also prevents foreign matter from spreading and causing further complications in the body.

• ORMUS is a super nutrient which also reduces the need for consuming large qualities of food.

• Aging is a natural process which cannot be reversed, but ORMUS can help in decelerating the aging cycle and curbing its onset. For example, greying hair, wrinkled skin, and other common signs of aging can be slowed down.  ORMUS also helps in keeping the brain active and boosts memory even in old age.

• ORMEs change our energy field into a super conductor, which helps in generating energy from within. You will notice a tremendous change in your body if you use this alternative form of medicine. ORMUS also betters your state of mind and boosts activity levels.

• ORMUS acts as a powerful cleansing agent and can rid your body of all the harmful toxins that are present within. This helps in preventing many dangerous ailments from surfacing in your system.

To protect the ORMUS in Ocean Magic . . . a Faraday bag like is often used to protect sensitive computer components 

 Check out the testimonial about the two black Labradors who had profound consciousness shifts after just a couple of applications of Ocean Magic. Now, there is no such thing as placebo effects with animals.  


I don't know if I have focused much on the consciousness aspect of Ocean Magic. There is something very subtle that goes on when you apply Ocean Magic to your skin; it is a lot more than just skin deep (pun intended.) There is an impact at a much more profound level that seems to begin aligning you mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that your physical body can come into alignment also. Maybe Ocean Magic is sort of sneaking up on the root cause of a physical condition. I know that may be a stretch for some of you, but give it a try, even if you are not in pain or don't have some dread skin condition. Try it just for the adventure of a consciousness shift. What if you had nothing to lose but an attitude? (Grins)  


This is a new product that is a blend of Magnesium Oil and an incredible, alchemical extraction from Dead Sea salt called ORMUS or ORME. ORME is actually an acronym for Orbitally Rearranged Monotomic Elements. Do just the slightest bit of Looking around on the Internet about ORMUS and you will be dazzled. Some call it the Philosopher's Stone, the Biblical Manna . . . Both our Magnesium Oil and our ORMUS are derived from the ocean.

Ocean Magic is impressive for pain relief of all sorts and for major healing of a plethora of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea for starters. Chronic joint and back pains can vanish almost instantly; migraines can be quickly dispatched.   

One last thing I want to tell you about Ocean Magic . . . the ORMUS in it is extremely sensitive to EMF radiation, and each time the product is exposed to an EMF, it can cause the power and efficacy of the ORMUS    *******************So The Ocean Magic will be shipped  in a protected by a 4" X 6" Faraday bag with a zip-lock seal. 

NOW, you can open the little bag, take out your Ocean Magic, spray it where you need it for relief and then store it back in the Faraday bag. How neat is that? It will take a while for the 


Ormus, often referred to as ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element or M-state element), is made from water and other substances and is also known as monoatomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, M-state, AuM, micro clusters and manna.

In some quarters, Ormus is called the Philosopher's Stone. Due to their peculiar features, ORMEs have been a favorite among alternative medicine supporters and alchemists around the world. There are many myths associated with Ormus, with many believing it to be a magical element.


I'm really enjoying my Ocean Magic spray

From sore muscles to pain of any intensity . . . spray it and pain is gone!  It has also reduced varicose veins and swelling around my ankles.

My granddaughter has had extreme pain in abdomen and lower back associated with her menstrual cycle for over seven years. The pain quite literally takes her out of commission for several days each month.

I had given her a bottle of Ocean Magic to use on some breakouts on her face. On an inspired whim, she sprayed her  abdomen and lower back (a day prior to her period.)

A few days later she called and excitedly reported that for the very first time in her memory, she had absolutely NO pain or debilitating cramping associated with her cycle! For her, truly a miracle! She said the accompanying constipation that routinely occurs with her periods did not happen either! I haven't heard her this excited in a long time. She is SO grateful, as am I.

Pain is Gone

M. had a lot of pain in his toes, so I suggested he spray them with Ocean Magic; it certainly relieved the pain over the next few hours; and then within 24 hours, it was completely gone. B.A., Melbourne, AUS

Ocean Magic and Psoriasis

I had purchased two bottles of Ocean Magic. I already use the Ion Channel Magnesium but needed some help with a severe outbreak of psoriasis. It was getting really scaly and itchy and just out of control. After one week of using Ocean Magic on the areas that were effected, the skin has calmed down and is starting to heal. No more itching. This worked better than ANY creams or ointments suggested by my physician. Thank you. P.A., California

Amazing Product

I told Linda about Ocean Magic for her husband who has terrible lower back pain, and she ordered some over the weekend. I brought my bottle to him yesterday. Today, he said the pain is 99% gone! You truly have an amazing product! 

M.T., Alaska

Will Never Be Without It

June 30th I was in a 3-car auto accident and ended up with a damaged back and sciatic pain. Nothing would stop my pain. I applied Ocean Magic 2-3 times, and it brought the pain level to just an ache. Repeated applications allowed me to work. I will never be without it. Thank you, California

I'm Better!

Due to the effects of arthritis or aging or tension (or all three), I have debilitating neck pain and stiffness that has been getting progressively worse. 

Lately I've been experimenting with spraying Ocean Magic on my neck before doing recommended neck stretches. The "tight ropes" that are twisted and knotted around the tendons, ligaments and muscles of my neck apparently open up and release which allows for significant increase in range of motion and pain relief. I am better! 

Now, if I could remember to do that more than once a day, I'd probably be even better than better. Also, spraying Ocean Magic both before and after stretching is probably a good idea. I'll experiment some more and keep you posted. D.B., Texas 


This Never Used to Happen!

Faye, who is an outstanding osteopath at our    Liforce Clinic (Melbourne), took home a bottle of the Ocean Magic last week. Faye has two large Labradors and her first dog, George, has a lot of emotional problems. 9 months after adopting George, she also brought home Margot who would hopefully  mother and support George in his temperament problems. Faye is very tuned into these dogs and reads them very well.

George kept sniffing Faye's bag when she came back last week and would not leave it alone. Eventually Faye knew he was wanting to find the Ocean Magic. She took it out and popped it on the table, and he started going silly. She sprayed it on him and he went even sillier, running around in a reaction mode. He then went very quiet. The next morning it was as if he had a complete personality change. He then did not want to know about the Ocean Magic for another couple of days.  

Then the routine started all over again where he found it and started letting Faye know he needed some more. She sprayed him again, and further changes took place.

In the meantime, Margot was not the carer / nurturer that  Faye had hoped for. In fact, she would not let George sit next to her and would not let Faye pat her except when it suited her, and then with some disdain!

Margot showed no interest in the Ocean Magic like George did, but Faye decided to spray her anyway. She could not care less. BUT, within 24 hours, Margot's moods completely changed. She came and put her chin on Faye's knee and looked at her, allowing Faye to pet her. She let George come in close and cuddle up.

This has never happened before in the last 6 months. Faye's comment to me: This NEVER used to happen! George is pretty chuffed!


As dogs do not know how to lie, this is a telling story of the power of Ocean Magic and how it can open up blockages in the emotional and spiritual bodies which, of course, underlie many other physical problems.

Interesting stuff! Libby, Melbourne, AUS

Ocean Magic and Zero Pain 

I applied a few sprays (one time) to my back (where I have compressed nerves from scoliosis) and massaged it in.

I did this 7 hours ago, and still have no pain! Zero!

This is a miracle because after I sprayed it on, I went mountain hiking for several hours which is always guaranteed to produce pain. THANK YOU for this product. M.T., Alaska   

Ocean Magic Appreciation

Thanks so much for offering this product; how does it get any better than ORMUS and Magnesium Oil? P.Q., Kansas

Ocean Magic and Psoriasis on Leg and Scalp

Dialog with a customer:

K: I have used two sprays. Second one didn't hurt (sting) at all. Redness is already less. I should have taken a picture before I started spraying. Is Miracle II Soap okay to use on my scalp  with psoriasis, or should I spray the Ocean Magic on my scalp the night before I wash my hair?

L: I think that is an outstanding idea . . . to put the Ocean Magic into your hair the night before you wash it. It could sting, so perhaps you could just try one spot only to test it out. I would definitely keep using it on your legs, and let's trust that all your stuff is fully resolved within 48 hours.

K: It is in my hair . . . massaged onto my scalp. No sting. I'm going to re-spray an hour before my shower to wash my hair.  And the redness and scales on the spot I photographed for you is light pinkish. Not scaly. Not itchy. Will be re-spraying throughout the day.

When I see the dermatologist again in six weeks, is it okay to mention this product? I am expecting miracles. He prescribed a cortisone ointment and a shampoo that costs $45.00 for my scalp. I left the shampoo in the pharmacy. On one leg I am dabbing the ointment; on one leg Ocean Magic.

L: This is great feedback and we are very appreciative.  Totally okay to mention this to your dermatologist, even if he dismisses it. The main result is in your skin, your hair.

It is indeed a brand new product, and we are confident that this will go places to help people in so many ways.

Ocean Magic, Gum Infection and Non-Healing Lesion

When first trying this product, it eliminated low back muscle soreness within a few minutes and diminished an unknown cause of weakness and aches in my leg.

This week a part of my gum was swollen and very painful; I am assuming it was an infection. I sprayed the Ocean Magic to see if it would make a difference. Within about a minute, the pain was relieved and the area felt fine for several hours. Each time the pain would return, I would spritz another bit of Ocean Magic (and rub it into the gum), and each time the pain left for several hours. Then I decided to deal with the infection by taking Tiaga Extract. Today, day 3, the pain is completely gone and my gum is healing. I am continuing to take Tiaga and also sprayed with Ocean Magic just for good measure. I just wonder what the effect would have been if I had not taken Tiaga -- maybe the gum would have healed eventually with the Ocean Magic.

I had a small reddish lesion on my upper lip line for at least 2 or 3 months. Nothing I tried including my favorite -- Living Clay -- had been effective to heal it. I sprayed Ocean Magic on that area and rubbed it in. When I checked it about an hour later, I couldn't find it. Finally, I was able to feel a bit of a bump where the redness had been. The next day -- even though I didn't spray again -- the bump was negligible. I love this stuff!  I want to try it on everything. V.A., Colorado

Ah, Relief from Mosquito Bites and Ocean Magic 

First, that'll teach me to wait for AAA, sitting outside at night with NO bug spray! The result -- 4 mosquito bites on my leg. Itch city.              Tonight, I thought as I scratched and scratched, "Why not try the Ocean Magic?"

I sprayed a tad on the bug bites, and thought "this will not take the itch away." I went to check my emails, and 10 minutes later, I remembered that I was NOT itching at all.

So, I say "Ah . . . "

 S.L., Massachusetts

Ocean Magic, Pain, Muscle Spasms and Dream 

Yesterday I received my first Ocean Magic spray. By bedtime I'd applied it 3 times to my left hip and lower back which have been getting worse and worse over the past 6 months of no chiropractic care. Also, even when I was going to the chiropractor each week last fall, the adjustments weren't holding as well as they had been in previous years. Then came the big snows and I got out of the habit of getting the adjustments. So my left hip and lower back have gotten so bad that it's hard for me to walk very far or stand for long. When I'd get up from sitting or leaning over, I'd have to do it very slowly to allow the bones to get back into some sort of alignment so they'd support my weight. Hip pain and muscle spasms have become very common.

Background for the dream: Whenever I have a dream in which people are trying to get into my house and I don't want them there, they keep crawling in the windows and doors faster than I can lock them . . . this means either I ate too much of the wrong food or I'm detoxing too fast!

Last night's dream:

I was in "my" house and someone told me "my dog" refused to go outside. So I put a lead on her and she went outside with me. Then I saw why she hadn't wanted to go out. There was a lioness clinging to the trunk of a small tree!

Then over in the corner of the yard was a small female bear. Her cub was wandering around. Some kids showed up and I told them to leave the cub alone and to never get in between the mother and her cub.

I went back inside, only to discover a small female elephant in the living room corner. She also was watching her baby! In the other corners were various kinds of wild felines, all lying down in beds they'd made of sheets and towels!

No one got hurt and all these animals seemed friendly, so I concluded they'd escaped from a zoo or circus! I opened a window and shouted over to a neighbor, "Call 911! There are wild animals here!" I woke up!

Interpretation: Since all these wild animals seemed sort of tame, I wasn't upset that they were inside my house and in my yard. But they were wild animals, and this is the first time I've dreamed of wild animals before.

Ocean Magic works on two levels: the physical and the etheric -- removing energy blocks from the etheric that can cause physical imbalances, pains, malfunctions, etc. This morning, since I can sit and lean over without having to wait for the bones to realign themselves and can also walk and stand better -- yes, it seems to be working fast and efficiently -- I think the wild animals in my dream represent those etheric blocks! They are coming out of "hiding" and will be removed. This is the first product in a long time that seems to be giving me immediate results! Happy camper F.D., New Jersey

Ocean Magic and 7 Year-Old Skin Lesions

I want to report that I am having progress on my sores. The main one on my forehead hairline is almost gone. I've had that for more than a couple years.

The soreness and discomfort of these skin sores on my right arm was gone by the end second day.

I have about 14 major ones on my right arm and they have progressed significantly toward healing. It will take some more time, but considering these are about 7 years bothering me, it is a tremendous joy to see them being turned back.

By the second week of July I should have a significant improvement from a month's application. F.T., Texas

Ocean Magic, Back Pain, Tension, Stiffness, Headache and Sleep

My husband had back surgery a few years ago and still experiences back pain, especially when he overdoes it. Before bedtime, he rubbed Ocean Magic all over his back. The pain lessened and he awoke the next day with more energy than ever before!

Each time he uses the Ocean Magic, he has better sleep which does not come easy for him. He has more energy that lasts throughout the day. I'm surprised about that because he had a tendency to sleep late, but not now.

He continues to get the pain if he does too much, but now he has the Ocean Magic to relieve it.

I carry tension in my neck and shoulders; they were stiff and painful and gave me a headache. I used the Ocean Magic throughout each day and by the 3rd day, the pain and stiffness was gone.

When I accumulate more tension and stiffness, I spray the Ocean Magic, and the discomfort leaves.

I am also getting better and deeper sleep when I use it at night. I am so relaxed from it that I've started using it from head to feet. It seems to work in more ways than one. J.B., Texas

Ocean Magic, Pain and Skin

I have pains in my neck, spine and hips / sacroiliac areas that keep me from moving without pain. I woke up one morning in deep, intense pain; I could barely move, let alone walk. I sprayed the Ocean Magic on and within the hour, the pain was gone and I could walk with ease.

A nice side effect after rubbing it on my hips, neck and back is that I noticed my hands got softer. I then put it on my face and it shines.

I have also tried it on some skin areas that are damaged from sun exposure. They have gone from dark and rough to soft and lighter in color.This product is amazing for pain, skin and many other conditions! C.F., California  


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