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 Not all Moringa is equal. Much of the Moringa available in the marketplace comes from India, the Philippines or even Africa, where nutritional content and sanitation are minimal. We could tell you stories about Moringa coming from these areas that would repulse you; much of it is so wretched that it isn't even allowed into the US without being gamma radiated.


Our Moringa comes from a beautiful plantation in Nicaragua, grown in volcanic soils created in the shadow of 14 volcanos. Our supplier, Jacobo Arguello, cultivates 24 million Moringa trees in this tropical haven and processes his Moringa products in a pristine factory, using the ultimate in sanitation protocols. We know this because Libby and I spent a number of days inspecting every aspect of Jacobo's operation. Frankly, we were dazzled, and he continues to enhance all phases of the operation. Indeed, since we visited, Jacobo has been awarded an international organic certification, both for his plantation and his processing factory. This is no small accomplishment, I promise you.

There is lots of chicanery in the Moringa marketplace. Just this week I learned that one of the biggest suppliers of Moringa products is claiming that their Moringa comes from Nicaragua and even uses a picture of Jacobo's plantation on their website. In actuality, we are pretty certain that his Moringa is coming in from India because you can buy Moringa much cheaper there; but then the lower prices are reflective of much lower quality.


Another major supplier of Moringa bought one lot of Moringa from Jacobo and now claims that all of their Moringa comes from Nicaragua, when in fact they have gone back to buying from India. To our knowledge, no Moringa on the face of the earth surpasses the quality of ours . . . just in case quality and sanitation are important to you. (Grins)


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Best for: Liver protection and blood sugar regulation

     Most popular in powder form, this super food is made from the leaf of the moringa 'miracle' tree, native to Africa and Asia and one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet.

     It has been claimed that it boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure, alleviates stress, fights fatigue, improves digestive health and increases libido. And that's just on the inside. It's also a tonic for hair, nails and skin.

     So what makes moringa so miraculous? It contains almost 25 per cent protein, including all nine of the essential amino acids, which are important for the body's key functions and help maintain healthy skin cells.

     It is also packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including skin-supporting vitamins such as zinc, which includes strong, supple healthy skin, nails and hair among its beauty benefits.

     Nikki Baker advises: "Moringa has six ti  mes the antioxidant content of the popular superfood, goji berries. It contains over 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants and abundant minerals. 

     Gram for gram, Moringa contains more vitamin B12 than steak, more vitamin A than eggs, and more calcium than milk.

     Its antioxidants detox and protect the liver, boost immunity and support healthy blood sugar levels."   

(Edited from article in The Daily Mail.UK)

     Our Moringa is produced on the largest moringa farm in the world, certified organic, and processed by the most stringent standards in the marketplace. 

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